02.17.18 We’re Moving – Wacky Wonderful Wednesday!

I have been writing 3 blogs for the last few years.  My dementia has progressed to the point where I can’t do that without a lot of frustration and even failure.  There are a bunch of people following this blog so I want you to know where the information will now be posted that would have been posted here on Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays.

Our personal blog is called Dora and the Explorers.  We live in a motor home and travel most of the year (until recently) Dora is our motor home, Boots is our truck we tow behind Dora and we are the Explorers of all parts of the United States.  Just wanted to explain the blog name!  Our granddaughter Madisyn helped us name all this early on in our RV planning stage.  She was only 3 when we started this and Dora was her favorite television show.  She was not real sure about having Grannie and Paw Paw gone a lot of the time so letting her come up with this helped her comfort level greatly.  She loves to say that we get inside of Dora through her ear (door) and when Dora makes funny sounds she says Dora’s tummy is grumbling!

The web address for Dora and the Explorers is http://rosalynandroy.com

I will still be sharing the funny, silly, heartwarming things I find on my personal blog, not here.

Some of you now receive an email when I publish this Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays blog.  If you would like to get an email when I publish something (Wacky or otherwise) on our personal blog go to the blog at http://rosalynandroy.com and on the right hand side there is a place that says Follow Our Blog.  Enter your email and when you are sent an email, please confirm it.

The third blog I’ve been writing for a few years is Some Things I Learned About Demential .  It is where I’ve shared lessons I learned while my mom had Alzheimer’s and lived with us to the end of her life.  We made mistakes I wouldn’t want anyone else make so I began that blog to help others.  I was diagnosed with Dementia 6 years ago so some of my personal journey has been included in that blog.  More of my personal journey will still be shared on our personal blog.  If you or a loved one has been diagnosed with dementia I hope you will benefit from what I write about that.

Some Things I Learned About Dementia use to be a weekly blog but I can no longer handle that.   It’s become a whenever I can do it blog and comes out on any day of the week. Suprises!!

Our personal blog will now contain all three blogs: personal including our travels, dementia and wacky fun stuff.

Thanks for following this blog and I really hope you will follow our personal one.  Take care and God Bless Ya’ll!  Rosalyn Chauvin



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