06.10.15 Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays

11234818_909619135778311_3556108311067081895_n16392_865221713527236_6205953004494484267_n11083843_847086352026263_7107163972122558941_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterflydroplets pink droplets clear droplets blueWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterfly11066800_913726205335283_4417060103947304605_n 11051998_10153322664384674_5665563356692440988_n 11046375_941179039233288_6896510800038072879_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterfly10592909_615804898528477_8229532667458268559_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterflyA Short Story About Hope, Humanity and a Baby Deer
by Jennifer Dukes Lee

Do you need a reason to have a little hope in humanity right now? Then, this one’s for you.

It’s a story about this baby deer — minutes old in the photograph.

baby deerOur family had just sat down at a restaurant in northern Minnesota, when a young couple showed up with that sweet spotted fawn in their arms.

The couple had been driving along a highway, when a car in front of them hit a large deer. The couple felt moved to do something. So they stopped at the side of the road.

When they stopped, they found a mama deer, dying.

But that’s not all they found.

Inside the mama? Two fawns, just beginning to emerge. The mama deer was about to give birth, and who knows where she was headed when she was struck by that car.

But labor set in, and this couple was there to help. One fawn died. But this baby deer lived.

They wrapped the fawn in a coat, and brought her to a restaurant.

That’s where we met her.

When we were met her, she was minutes old, just learning to walk. She was hungry, scared, wobbly. And she was a bundle of adorableness.

The young couple was looking for a way to keep the fawn warm and alive. Right then, people did what people do best. They helped. They stopped everything and helped. A whole bunch of people began calling veterinarians and doctors and farmers and animal lovers — all of them trying to figure out how to keep one little heart beating.

So we know this for sure — There’s a lot of crap in the world right now. There’s a lot of evil. Humans are making horrible decisions every millisecond that hurt someone else. But for every awful thing unfolding right now, there’s good. There’s hope. There’s someone stopping at the side of the road. There are people doing what people are supposed to do.

There is always love, always hope, always faith. Always. And the Bible says virtues like that always persevere. Don’t give up on the world. There’s good all ’round.

I knew it for sure last night.

~ Jennifer

Watermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterflyTWIN BUNNIES AND KITTIES!1513956_890473491049602_2935729479367530064_n 10426762_890473347716283_2342004726703303991_n 10468061_890473421049609_2579595516326024793_n 10994477_890473401049611_7334992857559423497_n 10996061_890473361049615_7806709680518452913_n 11021275_890473514382933_313631446883547180_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterfly11023892_939377782746747_4781485502980504966_n 11040834_1122395291110162_2186790151727371385_n 10931015_809045289205382_1027708448227807312_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterflyCALEB AND MAGGIE

A photo of a young Marine praying with his bride-to-be quickly went viral after it was posted on Facebook by the wedding photographer.

U.S. Marine Cpl. Caleb Earwood wanted to pray with his bride Maggie before their ceremony in Asheville, North Carolina, on Saturday. So with the help of their family and wedding photographer Dwayne Schmidt, Caleb was guided to the cabin where Maggie was getting ready for the service, where the couple joined hands around a corner so as not to break tradition and see each other before the altar.

caleb and maggieWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterfly10897114_1026652387351304_1742191071368639217_n 10805806_757760164302791_4447919829070009086_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterflyTHIS WEEKS THREE FAVORITE PHOTOS

Devon - England hippi level maximum fav pic 3Watermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterflyTWO SISTERS HAVING FUN!

10933831_614985758656683_7169032648795816010_n 10931269_614985535323372_8760636976632560039_n 10917847_614985521990040_2178128959153024062_n 10906528_614985548656704_8632761137709762458_n 10897039_614985501990042_1937572117227906901_n 10891882_614985538656705_8763829763007305138_nWatermelon-floral-divider-with-fluttering-butterfly10006929_10153163678986718_2597540484153758824_nReach out to someone in need this week!

Let others see Jesus in you this week!

Be His light in the darkness this week!

Have a Blessed Week!


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