11.12.14 Wacky Wonderful Wednesdays


autumn line 5

Awesome stair cases
Click on either picture below to see more!

weird stair cases 1

weurd staur cases

autumn line 5

This child earns best Halloween costume!best holloween costume

autumn line 5

One of my feet is Roman and the other is Greek! What are yours??

based on this what are your roots

autumn line 5
aaadied from not forwarding

autumn line 5

How the other half live! It seems like a normal van until the door opens! Click on the picture below to see the video.


autumn line 5


autumn line 5

Amazing real estate facts to entertain your brain

real estate facts

autumn line 5

30 Actual Sentences Found In Patients Hospital Charts. I love #21!! Click on the pic below to read the list!

funny medical charts

autumn line 5

It’s all a matter of perspective!








perspective 1`

perspective 2

perspective 3

autumn line 5

Three favorite photos of the week!

pumpkin on peace van

smoking hot body

fav pic 22
autumn line 5

matthew 7 14

Share your smile with someone this week!

Reach out to someone in need this week!

Let others see Jesus in you this week!

Be His light in the darkness this week!

Have a Blessed Week!


Click on the links below to go there!

Dora and the Explorers  published randomly

Some Things I Learned About Alzheimer’s published on Fridays

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